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1. What were the causes of the Iraq War of 2003-2011?

2. How many US soldiers have died in the war in Iraq?

3. Who controls the oil fields in Iraq?

4. Where do US soldiers fighting in Iraq live?

5. How many US troops are currently stationed in Iraq?

6. Who was Rafael Peralta?

7. Why are some of the military vehicles and personel currently deployed in Iraq in forest camouflage instead of desert?

8. What weapons are being used in the Iraq war?

9. What does jump stand for in the military in regards to a jump platoon?

10. How many female soldiers have died in Iraq?

11. How does technology make an impact on the war in Iraq?

12. Which nation financially supported Iraq’s Baath Party’s rise to power in the 1960’s?

13. Which nation allied itself with Saddam Hussein from 1980 to 1990?

14. Which nation’s ambassador to Iraq pledged that it would remain on the sidelines when Hussein inquired about the reaction to invading Kuwait in 1990?

15. Which country was the first to gas Iraqis?

16. Who drew the borders of Iraq?

17. Which country opposes the secession of the Kurds from Iraq?

18. True or False, In 2004 Powell acknowledged that the information presented to the UN to justify the invasion of Iraq which he presented in 2003 was flawed.

19. What was the most secular government in the Middle East in the 1990’s?

20. Which of these countries in the Middle East has been the most tolerant of Christians during the last 20 years?

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