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                       Funding Large Political Donations

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 210 Our political Division has invaded the network and personal computers of one of the largest super-pacs in the United States political arena. We are trying to determine illegal activities. We have discovered that some of the donating entities are trusts rather than not-for-profit corporations, an unusual step that reduces their public reporting requirements. Each nonprofit has in turn created limited liability companies or LLCs, through which money can be funneled. Some also have a separate LLC that has the power to replace the nonprofit’s leader. This is a form of disguise — to disguise control, to disguise the flow of funds from one entity to another. These nonprofits all shared the same attributes: They used LLCs, installed allies at

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 211 the helm and hired the same set of lawyers. These LLCs had offshoots known as “disregarded entities” — LLCs that are “owned” by their parent nonprofits and are considered part of them for tax purposes. This super-pac has a total of 19 disregarded entities, tax records show; One of them was a trade association that distributed almost $250 million to other nonprofits during the year. Disregarded entities cannot be searched by name because their tax returns are filed as part of their parent nonprofit, which of course is exactly what you don’t know. This super-pac has used disregarded entities to hide the money trail. We are able to uncover all the moves of this super-pac. We have made an off-shore deposit of 25 million dollars from this super-pac and warned them of this unsavory

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 212 conduct. They will continue to be penalized by us if they continue this conduct. But disregarded entities offer other advantages. Donors to social welfare groups and trade associations have only become public in a handful of cases, but some corporate and individual donors still worry about scrutiny from stockholders or the IRS. While nonprofits are required to disclose their top administrators and boards in tax filings, disregarded entities can have separate managers who are not identified anywhere. Such a manager would be able to control how the money received by the LLC was spent. Social welfare nonprofits are typically formed as not-for-profit corporations, with boards that set their policies. Nine of the 12 nonprofits in this network

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 213 were formed as trusts — an approach several tax experts said they had rarely, if ever, encountered. Trusts are subject to little outside oversight. They don’t have to file incorporation papers or annual reports to the state. Any documents filed with the IRS take effort and time to get. Trust agreements rarely have to be filed publicly, but since most of the connected trusts have been recognized by the IRS as social welfare nonprofits, their trust agreements are available from the agency. The trust agreements are all “irrevocable,” meaning the trustee cannot change them, except for changing the trust’s name or anything necessary to maintain the group’s tax-exempt status. Despite those credentials, the trustees can be axed at any time. Each trust agreement gives

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 214 an LLC — not a disregarded entity, but a different one with a similarly nonsensical string of four letters for a name – power to remove the trustee for any reason. Tax experts say that this means that someone behind that LLC can actually control the nonprofit. Our political division has also found several billionaires who are contributing millions of dollars to political campaigns under the blanket of anonimity. We have extracted 15 million dollars each from 4 of the most notorious billionaires making these donations. We have planted emails on their computer networks informing them of our efforts to keep the political playing field level and warned them that continued massive anonymous donations would be costly to them. We also placed our logo:

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 215 on all of their written communications including email. We unlimited resources they assembled the smartest white hat hackers that they could find. The assembled team has made all attempts to locate us, our hardware, and our software. Their efforts have proven fruitless. They have spent a large amount of time and money in this exercise. They have tried to isolate our I.P. address, tried to find our geographic location, and do extensive testing on the 4 computer networks. They have tried to find viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and various other software anomalies that could cause the network to be compromised and funds to be transferred. These white hat hackers are trying every trick in the book to discover what

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 216 is causing these networks to behave in this way. We are counteracting every move they make. We fed them I.P. Addresses from known black hat hackers in the U.S. and in China. They are off on a foreign hack attempt on the Chinese hackers. They will find interesting information but they will not be satisfied that they found the source of the intrusion into their networks. They are also trying to find the source of our logo: They will find the source of this logo as native American art. This design has been around for hundreds of years. One of the diversionary tactics we employ to send investigators in the wrong direction is planting hacker-tracks in the systems we

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 217 infect. The tracks we plant will simulate that the system was hacked. We will leave subtle indicators such as familiar hacker code that will perform it’s actions when a specific action is initiated, a keylogger, and a well-known virus. All these actions will cause the team to suspect the hacker has been found. However, upon further investigation, they will determine that this was not the source of the diversion of funds. They have also tried to identify the owner of our off-shore account. Little do they know the money is immediately transferred to several off-shore accounts all over the world. Another dead-end for them. They are investigating all of the staff members of the four billionaires. They have identified 3 employees with sufficient expertise to hack into these networks and pull off this theft. The first

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 218 employee they investigated has a degree in I.T. systems and has been working in the computer industry for 15 years. He has all of the necessary tools and tricks to pull this off. He has denied any involvement in this hack and is very convincing. The second suspect has 8 years experience as a data processing manager and 6 years developing high-level database systems. He has the knowledge to be able to accomplish this hack but denies any involvement. The third employee has 20 years developing web pages and web applications. He has been consulted by a large corporation to find a hacker intrusion, and for that reason is suspected of this theft. He also denies any knowledge of this and they believe him. The assembled team also is investigating

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 219 the billionaires as a suspect. They are trying to find evidence in their computer systems that they might have hired someone to pull this off. Not because they needed the money, but because they wanted to put one over on their buddies. The team has not been able to link any of the billionaires to anyone with enough talent and expertise to have hacked the computer networks and send authorized wire transfers to off-shore accounts. One of the puzzles they are trying to solve is how this is able to occur without tracks. There is no evidence of hackers, no intrusions, and no infected software. The white-hat hacker team that the billionaires have assembled have not considered there might be a back door as yet undiscovered. They have not considered that the intrusion

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 220 involves data that they cannot recognize. They will continue to step over the data they are looking for because they cannot attribute it to a hack. It does not resemble computer code that they have ever seen before. We may reveal the code and it’s construction parameters in the future.

     Diversion total to date    $1,564,350,000
     Donation total to date     $1,548,000,000

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